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Embark on a retrospective journey through my artistic odyssey, a journey punctuated by exhibitions and showcases across the globe that serve as milestones in my quest to redefine the boundaries of AI art. It all began with exhibitions across Australia, where the vibrant landscapes served as a backdrop to the digital canvases I presented, each piece a testament to the symbiotic relationship between technology and creativity.
The voyage continued to Kenya, at the Alliance Française, where my showcase bridged cultures, intertwining traditional African art motifs with futuristic AI elements, drawing attention to the universal language of art and innovation.
In Hawaii, my participation in a charity auction underscored the potential of AI art to contribute to society, as my creations helped raise funds for causes close to my heart, showcasing the impactful side of art when merged with technology and compassion.
This journey of artistic exploration and achievement then led me to the iconic Times Square in New York City, USA, not once but twice. Here, amidst the bustling heart of the city that never sleeps, my exhibitions illuminated the screens, casting my AI-driven art onto the vast canvases of Times Square, engaging with an audience as diverse and dynamic as the art itself.
Finally, the journey took me to Toronto, where an exhibition provided a platform to further the dialogue on AI and art, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate dance of algorithms and aesthetics.
Each of these exhibitions, from Australia to Kenya, Hawaii, the vibrant screens of Times Square, and the culturally rich city of Toronto, has been a pivotal point in my ongoing journey through the realm of AI art, constantly pushing me to explore, innovate, and redefine the essence of creativity in the digital age.

Exhibitions IRL: Welcome

Thrilled to share: "Luminous Weave" is among the 8 winners of the International Women's Month Open Call, lighting up Times Square!

Immense thanks to




for their exceptional curation and support. Honored to stand alongside such talented artists.

Exhibitions IRL: Video

"Luminous Weave"

I'm thrilled to announce that my artwork "Luminous Wave" has been selected for the Inner Vision's Art Exhibit in Toronto! A huge thank you to


for this incredible opportunity and for appreciating my work enough to include it in the exhibition. Your support means the world to me!

Exhibitions IRL: Video


Exhibitions IRL: News

Our mission to honor women in tech achieved an awe-inspiring leap—quite literally!
Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the organizers, @MyCreativeOwls and @Vans_Cmkro, the Women in Tech 2024 Showcase was magnificently displayed on screens across Times Square! 🌟

Exhibitions IRL: Video


the soul's mirror

a digital tapestry that delves deep into the soul's mirror, capturing the fleeting essence of our innermost thoughts and emotions. This NFT embodies the theme of REFLECTION, presenting an abstract human silhouette that stands as a beacon of introspection. Crafted to evoke the intricacies of our inner landscapes, it navigates the delicate dance between what is seen and unseen, known and unknown.About Body

Exhibitions IRL: About Us


"Fractal Elegance: The Mandelbrot Muse In Motion," an artwork I presented at the “Kenya NFT and AI Summit,” has found its permanent place in the Cryptovoxels museum. This piece represents the intersection of African art, the metaverse, and NFTs. Visit the exhibit at Cryptovoxels Museum, accessible with no login via computer or VR headset.

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Exhibitions IRL: Video


Reflecting on an unforgettable November! My artistic journey took an exciting turn last month with the opportunity to animate and showcase one of my signature images in Australia. Immense gratitude to @artcrushgallery, @BraveArtcrush, @Ellii_art, and @Arthemort for their incredible support. This month-long exhibition was a true milestone, symbolizing the global resonance of my work. Your support has been pivotal in expanding my horizons and bringing my visions to life on an international stage.

Exhibitions IRL: Video
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